CyberPaleo session at AGU Fall Meeting (San Francisco, Dec 2023)

Abstract submissions are now open for our session PP018 - CyberPaleo: Informatics Approaches to the Paleogeosciences, at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting to be held December 11-15 in San Francisco, CA and virtually.

Conveners: D. Khider, N. McKay, F. Zhu, J. Emile-Geay

Invited Speakers: Yuxin Zhou (University of California in Santa Barbara) & Sara Tenamoeata Kahanamoku (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)


The paleogeosciences (e.g. paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, paleoecology) provide critical perspectives on Earth system dynamics. While the insights and constraints afforded by such long-term perspectives are starting to be incorporated into Earth system models and assessments, this process faces many barriers. Indeed, such global-scale scientific insights require the gathering, synthesis, and analysis of many thousands of records, with data and expertise widely distributed across many geoscientists. Few systems exist to gather, synthesize, and extract new information from these records in ways usable by non-specialists. This session will showcase and celebrate cutting-edge efforts that leverage informatics approaches to overcome these barriers. Of particular interest will be the use of data science, artificial intelligence, data assimilation, model/data synthesis, and other digital tools to advance and/or bridge paleogeoscientific domains and connect them to future-facing assessments. Submissions should highlight the scientific outcomes of these approaches, rather than the details of their implementation.

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