Create climate modelling using geochemistry data

Hello guys, I am PhD candidate working on carbonate geochemistry. I have some data and wish to learn how to do modelling or how to start?
I am very much inspired by Deborah Khider, and the group. I wish to learn and work on climate modelling. Can any one help me regarding this?
I am looking for reply.

Please teach me how to start?

Hi @nickgeo ,
vast topic! What exactly are you trying to do? There are several climate models outfitted with biogeochemical modules, so you could leverage LinkedEarth resources (particularly our JupyterHub) to access some of it. But without knowing more about the scientific questions guiding your inquiry, we cannot do much. Note that we are not in the business of creating and/or running climate models, but we can help you figure out how to access and analyze existing model runs.

Hi @jeg
Thanks for replying me. I am working on coral geochemistry. I am working on stable isotope like oxygen and isotopic values analysis. Coral data are using to calculate paleo-temperature and paleo-pH like Sr/Ca, Mg/Ca, Li/Ca, Ba/Ca and boron isotope.
I wish to create one global record using this data and with time series analysis and spectral analysis can predict the future trend also.

Hi Nick,
thanks for the details. re: temp or pH reconstructions, we have ideas for a calibration package but haven’t gotten funded for it yet.
re: spectral analysis, we definitely do a lot of that: Spectral Analysis with Pyleoclim — Pyleoclim Tutorials. Those tutorials (we hope) are a great place to start.
Re: prediction, you should know that most timeseries prediction is hardly better than reading tea leaves, but you can probably get somewhere with a SARIMAX model with a physically-motivated exogenous variable (e.g. CO2 scenarios for pH). We can’t do the science for you, but if you want to collaborate, I can see if I have interns that might be interested in helping you.

Hi Nick,

Just to add to this, we have a hackathon coming up in June if you’re interested in collaborations. Details here.



hwy @jeg
Which type of collaboration are you looking for? Please give me more insight on this.

hey @jeg please let me know which type of collaboration work are you expecting?

We are expecting workshop participants to share their expertise with each other, and ideally publish together. The LinkedEarth team is also open to collaborations if interests align.