About the Software category

This category is meant to help users of the LinkedEarth research ecosystem find the help they need with our software, mainly the LiPD utilities, GeoChronR, and Pyleoclim. To indicate which package you need help with, please tag your post with “lipd-utils”, “geochronr”, or “pyleoclim”, respectively.

Since our packages are made up of other packages, these discussions are likely to drift discussions of how to use those other packages, which is fine. Bonus points if you can help answer questions from fellow users!

A note to the wise: as on StackOverflow, you are much more likely to receive an answer if you give a complete description of the problem you are encountering, preferably with a minimal working example or at least a sketch of what you are trying to do. You should also share which version of the software you are using, and on what OS (e.g. Pyleoclim v0.7.3 with Python 3.9 under MacOS 11.5.2). Happy coding!