Options beyond binder

LinkedEarth relies on Binder for the reproducibility of many of its tutorials, for instance PyleoTutorials and PaleoBooks. What made this possible was support from the Google Open Source Program Office, which is now being abandoned. This means that starting up a myBinder instance to run one of our notebook swill be even slower than before (as in: waiting forever). That, unfortunately, is what happens when publicly-funded projects are at the mercy of Big Tech’s whims, and is an outcome many in the community were fearing. While we hope that Google changes its mind about this, there are a few options for you to run our tutorials:

  • using the LinkedEarth research hub, which only requires registering with our organization (no strings attached! Beyond your first newborn, of course).
  • installing our code from an environment.yml file, so you have access to all the required packages, and run things locally. Instructions to do this for Pyleoclim are available here, but if you want to emulate the environment used for the tutorials, you should use this file.

If you know of other options for free cloud computing, let us know!